About us

The story of our family starts with the people who mean the most who had determination and drive. 

Where It All Began

First of all, thanks for taking the time to read a little more about me.

You could say that plumbing and heating work is an area that I’ve worked in for about 30 years, but as I write this at the age of 35, I feel I may need to explain that in a little more detail.

Whilst other children were happy playing with their toys, it’s quite likely you will have found the toddler version of me with a copper pipe in one hand and a Yorkshire fitting in the other!

I grew up in South East London, with a Plumbing & Heating engineer for a father, who ran his own family business for many years. My brother and I were often there lending a helping hand whilst it’s was our mums wish to work in the back office and it’s an area of work that just hasn’t left me since.

That also goes on to explain the business name I’ve chosen to represent me and my values in this new venture. C.K. & Sons Engineering came about in memory to my parents.

The ‘C’ represents my mum, Carolyn, sadly no longer with us, but never far from our thoughts. The ‘K’ represents my dad, Kevin, now medically retired but happy to pass the baton onto his youngest son.

February 1992

February 2021

Hi I'm Matt

Which leaves me, the youngest son, Matt.

In 2021 I created the company and with baton in hand I'm all prepared to continue what I grew up knowing and I’m excited to be carrying on this family tradition and look forward to hearing from you soon.